Thursday, August 20, 2009


One Drop Sendirian Berhad, Malaysia’s biggest importer of alcohol-free perfume has introduced its newly innovative designed packaging at Hotel Sheraton, Subang Jaya recently. Its newly designed features is aimed to meet customer’s demand and to enhance a more elegant as well as luxurious outlook to compete with other international alcohol-free perfumes.

Established in 2007 and fully owned by Malaysian bumiputera, One Drop Sendirian Berhad has garnered over 1200 distributors across the nationwide and has exported its product to Vietnam, Singapore, Brunei and some parts of Indonesia.

The new One Drop Perfumes by Egyptian Potion contains 8 different scents in a pack. Each is inspired by the international designers’ perfume and provide the customers in an absolute alcohol-free fine fragrance nature. Every pack consists of 2.75ml miniature roll-on bottle retails at an affordable RM40.

Present at the launch was, One Drop Sendirian Berhad Directors, Mr. Josafri Johari and Madam Saffar binti Noor, as well as other Malaysian celebrities, artistes and singers namely, Nasha Aziz, Rozita Che Wan, Mama Rina AF7, Zizan Nin, Zaid Dato’ Zahari, Iwan Dangdut, Salima AF3, Zed Zaidi, The Girls, Airis Yasmin, Mira Normila, Shukry Ashaari (vocalist The Reza’s), Karen AF4, Johan Raja Lawak and DJ’s from KL FM such as DJ Hezy Hashim, DJ Kzie, DJ Nik Aidawati and DJ Julia.

On its future plans, One Drop Sendirian Berhad is expected to expand its product to Belgium, South Africa and Australia by third quarter of this year and at this moment, the company is in the process of making inroads into England (end of this year) by establishing new marketing office.

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