Monday, February 22, 2010


Start from 1st February 2010, HQ office "One Drop Sdn Bhd" has released new dealer price and come out with new elegant packaging.

By the way, we will extend our previous offer until end of Feb 2010.

Effective on 1st March 2010, dealer price will be revised and changed to the new price due to the new look of packaging and content of the perfume which have been increased from 2.75ml to 3ml per bottle.

New Packaging only available for :

Women Set 1 (Green), Women Set 2 (Purple), Women Set 3 (Dark Red), Women Set 5 (White), Men Set 1 (Blue), Men Set 3 (Black) & Set Celebrity Women (Pink).

Old Packaging only available for:

Women Set 4 (Red), Men Set 2 (Orange) & Set Celebrity Men (Silver)

(Please acknowledge, all old packaging will be replaced with new packaging in another 2 months later.)

Selling Price : RM 40 (Normal Set), RM 45 (Celebrities Set)

For our listed dealers, please refer our new price below effective on 1st March 2010.

New Price for Normal Set
1 - 4 boxes = RM36
5 - 9 boxes = RM35
10 boxes and above = RM34

New Price for Celebrities Set
1 - 4 boxes = RM39
5 - 9 boxes = RM38
10 boxes and above = RM37

Price for mini set is still based on the table below

(*Please note that all prices above are not including postage, handling and packaging cost)

For my-onedropperfume customer's, the selling price will be remained the same RM40 for Normal set and RM45 for Celebrities sets. 5 % discount will be given if you make order more than 5 boxes and above*

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